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The management team

  • Over 30 years of domain specific experience in the Marine/Port, Water/Hydraulic, Logistics & Transportation IT/IS, Construction, Engineering, Operation and Manufacturing. ​

  • 18 specialists and experts with hands-on experience on logistics, distribution, law and regulations, program and product management, operation and engineering.

  • OEM & Tier 1 industry experience in the fields of Maritime, Aerospace, Transportation, Automotive, Construction, Mining and Industrial, Oil & Gas.​

  • Expertise in management of the supply chain, reducing costs and supply strategic, engineering, projects/product management, operations and contracts.



Captain Yoss Leclerc has over 25 years experience in Navigation, Logistics, Transportation and Port Industry, including several years, working at senior level positions both at sea and ashore. 
Over his many years in the maritime industry he has proven his vast and detailed knowledge base and used this expertise to develop winning solutions. He has led and provided expertise for many large and diverse projects using his unique experiences in port operations, safety, security, emergency preparedness, environmental protection and project management.
As Director of Operations, Captain Yoss Leclerc was in charge of the port’s Transportation planning, ensuring secure and efficient inter-modal movements of cargo and passengers.
As Harbour Master, Captain Yoss Leclerc was responsible for the development, review and approval of myriads of broad and very complex marine projects that required strong marine technical and operational expertise. 
As Port Security Chief Officer, Captain Yoss Leclerc, has led the development and implementation of multi-millions dollars ports’ security projects, such as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics’ port operations master plan, the Vancouver port’s physical security and access management, the cruise terminals security plan and liquid bulk transportation’s security plan.
As Vice President and Chief of Marine Operations, Captain Leclerc has led the development of the Port Safety Management System, including waterways management, optimisation of H2O highway and the implementation of a new Environmental Effects Evaluation process that integrates safety and security concerns.
Captain Yoss Leclerc has led several transportation & logistics projects including the Vancouver Trucking management program, the City of Montreal waste management system and the Port of Quebec assets management.​



Mr. Alexis Leclerc has over 30 years experience in the transport, Infrastructure,  Information technologies and R&D, with a focus in engineering, manufacturing, product/program management and re engineering.
Over the last few years, Alexis has assumed leadership roles in all aspects of international and regional consulting in engineering and operational projects. He has lead and managed successfully, many projects locally and internationally.
Mr. Leclerc is a program manager professional certified (PMP) by PMI USA. He is a member of the project management institute (PMI).



Mr. Michel Jalbert has 25 years’ experience in plant operation and project management, business development and contracts management experience  in engineering, construction within manufacturing industries. Project manager for large projects, involved  from development to implementation for commissioning.  Industries include manufacturing, mining, metals and port areas.
Over the last few years, Michel has assumed leadership roles in all aspects of international and regional consulting including having contributed to strategic planning for global iron ore business. He has provided management and coordination in developing iron ore due diligence, as well as to feasibility studies.  This has been for major projects involving core clients:  
​ArcelorMittal, Rio Tinto, Valle, CSN, MMX, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. and U.S. Steel and various organisations from government 



Mr. Jean-Luc Nault Is an experienced Project Manager working in the consulting engineering industry for over 35 years. Demonstrates the abilities to design and integrate creative solutions which meet his customer’s needs in the industrial processing sector. Manages project teams and client relationships efficiently and in an organized fashion. Demonstrates leadership and creativity in developing pragmatic solutions to operational inefficiencies, bringing added value to the project teams. Assists clients in increasing profitability in their competitive markets using a systemic approach in their stages of development.
Over the past years, Jean-Luc has managed the development of projects for world class clients in the sectors of the agro industry, mining and rail transportation in Canada and Africa



Logistro international, your partner of choice.


To provide personalized and professional services that supports our customers successful growth.



LCI's branding is the result of:
A team that is highly qualified, competent, and focused on providing exceptional
Customer service.
A Mission and Values that are imbedded in every action we take, thereby providing our Customer with excellence.
Reliable, efficient, effective Communications, Operational Processes and Protocols in order to build a long lasting relationship with our customer

Modern Bridge


Trough out all our projects, we apply the same protocole, to guarantee the outcome of the projet:

- Identification of your needs and challenges,​

- Implementation of the selected solution on fast track, providing training to the internal operational team, that will take over;

- Identification, Diagnostics and Optimization of your internals or externals (suppliers) processes flow to improve your cost, time and customer satisfaction.

- Selection of the more effective and durable solution based on the best pratices and the ROI required;

- Follow up through audit to make sure that the training and the solution is satisfactory.


What: High caliber Services focused on the identification, analysis, optimization and implementation of fast, effective and durable solutions; 

  • Optimization and Reduction of costs and time

  • Improvement through Technological & Scientific integrated solution adapted to your projects 

When: We act at any stage of the project life cycle 
Where: We provide onsite or near site services to our customers
Why: Frees up customer resources in engineering, manufacturing and supply chain to focus on core elements of their value streams - improving efficiency.


For the scope management, Logistro will establish a clear work breakdown structure (WBS) during the planning task to document the original scope of work. WBS elements are designed to be mutually exclusive, action-oriented, linked with a specific deliverable, and appropriately costed and scheduled to maximize the benefit of tracking while minimizing unnecessary administrative burden. Conducting this exercise early in the Project ensures a good understanding of the scope. It also allows any tasks outside the original scope to be identified and documented using a change order request that details effects to the WBS, schedule, and cost.

For the schedule management, Logistro will establish a baseline schedule illustrated as a Gantt chart. Where appropriate, we will assess and highlight the critical path to better understand effects of delays. We will chart Project progress and illustrate the rate of completion of WBS elements during ongoing monitoring. We will use earned value analysis to calculate schedule variance to provide early warning of unacceptable Project delays. Typically, Logistro assesses earned value using the % completion method. We will respond to external influences and unforeseen risks to the Project schedule via a change control form, incorporating schedule changes to the performance measurement baseline, and illustrating the change by way of a revised Gantt chart. In Logistro’s experience, these analyses often catalyze excellent discussions and problem solving with clients.

For the budget management, Logistro will establish a detailed bottom-up budget during planning. We will track internal actual costs and external costs (by tracking purchase orders and daily activity reports). We will calculate cost variance for all Project codes to identify potential issues as part of the monthly reports (or more frequently during periods of greater effort). If warranted, we will institute corrective action via change control. We will record approval of each change order in the approved change order log, which reconciles the baseline budget, changes, and approved budget. We will then incorporate the change into the performance measurement baseline.

For the quality management, Logistro will follow and implement quality control program based on the ISO9001 quality management system, that require a continuous improvement across all activities. The principal elements of the system are as follows.

  • Management responsibility – Identifies who is responsible for what tasks.

  • Resource Management – The ability to acquire and deploy resources to achieve these set goals.

  • Service Offerings – What the organization goes through to develop and deliver an end product.

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement – The cornerstone of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle where we plan what we do, do it, measure how we do, and design improvements for the future. 

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